Booking Unavailable

Due to Covid-19, I will not be accepting clients for a little while. I understand that there are ways to do online appointments – something I actually set up not long before this pandemic spread – , however I simply do not have enough clients to continue at this time.

I look forward to a time when we can meet and wish you a safe and healthy quarantine. Please be mindful of others and stay home unless you are getting groceries, medical help, or assisting someone who really needs. Lets’s all work together by staying apart.

Remember to remain calm. This is a trying time for many of us, myself included. I am not immune to anxiety, stress, panic attacks just because of my career. I am, however, constantly looking on the bright side. There usually is one. For me, it’s spending more time studying, creating content for you, and learning a new language!

I understand that many of you have children of various ages. I see you. I am thinking of you every day. Taking care of your family and shielding them from the harsh reality. Remember to take care of yourself, too. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Try: epsom salt baths, breathing 4-8-7 (breathe in through your nose for a count of 4, hold it for a count of 8, breathe out slowly through your mouth for a count of 7), jigsaw puzzles, read that book you never have time for, learn a new language or skill (if I wasn’t learning Italian or studying nutrition, I would be very interested in continuing to learn coding), get fresh air when possible (away from people!), and the list goes on. I’ve also heard there are some kind of virtual tours of places?

If you would like to be notified once I am accepting clients again, please enter your information below and I will make sure to inform you. Or if you simply want someone to talk to during this time of uncertainty, I am more than willing to listen.

Much love,

Rain Valvanis, CHNC