Sunscreen: The Naked Truth

You’ve always been told never to go out in the sun without first applying a good amount of sunscreen. It’s the same thing I heard over and over again as a child. But is it really safe for you?

It is important to protect your skin when you are spending lots of time outdoors – keep it safe from sunburn and aging. However, you must choose your sunscreen carefully.

Some of the ingredients in your usual sunscreen can contain chemicals that have shown to cause cancer and develop tumours.

What to Avoid

❋ Retinyl palmitate
❋ Oxybenzone
❋ Octinoxate
❋ Homosalate
❋ Octisalate
❋ Octocrylene

What to Look For

❋ Zinc
❋ Titanium Dioxide
❋ Avobenzone
❋ Mexoryl SX

(For more information on these ingredients, visit: .)

What About Vitamin D?

The best way to obtain vitamin D is directly through the Sun. This is not possible when you are coated in sunscreen, even if you choose the safer options. Simply 15 minutes in the sun, sans sunscreen, is enough. Make sure to soak up the Sun through bare arms and legs.

The best time to do this, is when your shadow is shorter – this means the UVB rays are strong and you will then need less time in the Sun to get your dose of vitamin D.

Unlike supplements, there is no risk of overdosing when you are obtaining vitamin D directly through the Sun.

After 15 minutes, be sure to cover up to prevent extra Sun exposure. Just one sunburn in your childhood, can double your chance of developing skin cancer.

NOTE: You will not benefit from sitting behind glass, as the UVB rays required to help make vitamin D cannot penetrate the glass.

(For an simple guide to help you choose the safest sunscreen for you and your family, see: .)

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