What is Holistic Nutrition?

Anything ‘Holistic’ really means your overall health (mind/body/soul). It incorporates not only your symptoms, but your underlying health as well. It means trying to get to the bottom of what’s bothering you and not just getting rid of the symptoms you are facing with medicines or a diet.

Holistic Nutrition not only means dealing with the nutritional aspect of your life, but also your eating habits, lifestyle, relationships, stress levels, family life, work, etc. It’s full of teaching moments where you learn how to eat right based on what your body needs (it is not about putting you on a diet same as everyone else – it is personalized nutrition), how to change your poor eating habits into healthful ones, and ways to help balance your overall life to prevent illness.

Digestion is a BIG part of holistic nutrition. Your gut is known as your second brain, after all. Balancing your digestive system, along with all your other systems is necessary.

Not only is it about healing health issues already present, but also preventative health. Holistic Nutrition is for everyone – even if you just want to learn more about eating right.

It’s about more whole foods and less processed junk. More mindful awareness, less distracted eating by the television.

What Holistic Nutrition is NOT

Holistic Nutrition is not fad diets. It is not really a diet of any kind. In fact, most Holistic Nutrition practitioners avoid using the word ‘diet’ because of the idea that is attached to it. Instead, we will use words as ‘dietary lifestyle’ when assessing your intake.

Instead of putting you on a diet, you will have your overall health assessed and will be provided with a personalized nutrition plan only meant for YOU.

Holistic Nutrition is also not a way to lose weight quickly before your cousin’s wedding next month. If weight loss is your goal, that’s totally fine. However, holistic nutrition is more about overall health with some benefits on the side such as weight loss; confidence; happiness; healthy digestion; etc.

It is not just eating salads and greens all the time, either! Yes, salads have a place in Holistic Nutrition, but it does not revolve around them. You can still eat lots of foods like chili, burgers, mashed potatoes, bread, and so much more. It is not about restricting anything (unless you have allergies or intolerances). Carbs? Why, they’re my best friend!

It is also NOT shaming anyone for their dietary habits or choices. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or meat lover, holistic nutrition is for you. You will not be pushed to eat anything that doesn’t suit your preferences, nor will you be lectured on your choices.

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